We're specialists in providing disability assistance

At IAM Systems, we’re committed to providing the best possible environments for those with mobility disabilities through our IAM@HOME Controller.

Using voice control and intelligent devices that respond to reactions from their surrounds, we can install systems that allow complete control of homes without requiring any physical mobility from the user at all.

We work pro-actively with people with disabilities and occupational therapists to design and implement systems that respond to our customers’ needs. We also work pro-actively with occupational therapists to demonstrate the cost-benefit analysis for clients applying for NDIS and other financial assistance.

IAM SYSTEMS Beta Tester Program

As part of our commitment to helping those with disabilities live more comfortably in their homes, we created the IAM SYSTEMS Beta Tester Program.

Our Beta Tester Program is available to individuals whose disabilities have reduced their mobility to almost zero, but for one reason or another cannot afford to have their homes automated for their needs.

As part of the program, we install our system into their homes at no cost. And, in return, these individuals work closely with us to provide feedback on enhancements and future functionality that will help assist people with disabilities in the future.

If you or someone you know meets the criteria above, we encourage you to contact us immediately to find out more.

Every paying customer of IAM SYSTEMS contributes to us funding more installations for people with disabilities through our Beta Tester Program.

Meet some of our Beta Testers


Find out about the devices that Ben and Dan use to control their homes.