Enjoy the convenience of home automation

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Compatibility shouldn't be complicated


With a smartphone, or smart speaker and WIFI network, you can control just about anything in your home. And while there are dozens of competing home-automation standards, we’ve designed our systems to work with all the major platforms. That way, everybody in your household can connect to your smart home seamlessly without changing devices.


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Think of us as your
Home Automation Architect

We work with your tradesmen, as well as everyone in your household, to ensure that we not only install the perfect home automation system, but that everyone in your home can easily use it.

By installing an IAM System, you’re future proofing your home and responding to the needs your lifestyle will demand from it.

Additional features:

 24/7 Customer support

 Fully customisable

 Upgradeable home automation software

 Accessible through all platforms

Home Automation: Then vs. Now

Home automation isn’t a new concept. For a long time, however, it was considered a far-off technology or only enjoyed by the wealthy. Yet, today, it is now accessible to everyone, including renters.

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IAM Systems is able to build a complete, centrally controlled eco-system to control every aspect of your environment through our IAM@HOME Controller

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Full control of your existing lighting, including dimming

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Air-Conditioning & Heating

Control your existing air-conditioning and heating units



We implement camera solutions to fit each customers needs, be that on site, or cloud based solutions



We implement whole-home, multi-zone audio systems that can be easily controlled by speaking to your choice of voice assistant.


Blinds & Curtains

Control of your roller blinds, curtains, or any other form of window covering


Garage Doors

Control your existing garage door, or any other automatic door.


Locks & Access Control

Locking and full access control for buildings including logging and scheduled access

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We implement effective Wi-Fi solutions to ensure effective coverage of the most difficult environments

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Water detection & Irrigation

Automate your existing watering systems or add water detection to know about leaks anywhere.


Security Systems

Automate your alarms or security system.

What we do

Personalised to your needs

We evaluate your property and provide you with the best equipment, taking into consideration cost, accessibility and your needs.

Installing & Configuring

We configure all your devices, and will happily work with your electrician or one of our own technicians to install the system in your home.

Training & Support

We provide on-site training for everyone in your household. Our training is tailored to the individual, from those who just wish to know how it works, to those who want to add to the system in the future. We also offer 24/7 remote support if you get stuck or encounter a problem.

Management & Upgrades

We can manage and upgrade your platform remotely, ensuring it remains protected from any online security threats.


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