IAMHOME is our range of fully configured, ready to use, home servers.

Each server runs our custom configured, fully licensed version of Lime Technology’s amazing UNRAID operating system, and comes running ready to use Open Source Automation platforms including Home Assistant, Homebridge, and Scrypted.

Each of these Open Source Platforms are automatically kept updated, and backed-up without any user intervention.


Custom Built

Each IAMHOME Server is custom built for the requirements of your customer, from small NUC based applications all the way up 4RU Systems with up 10 hot-swap-able drive bays

Notifications & Monitoring

Every IAMHOME Server provides Live Up-Time monitoring to us and to you as the integrator. In addition, each server provides live notification updates allowing pre-emptive service warnings on things like ageing disk drives.
This ensures you know that everything is operating optimally at all times.

Patching, Updates & Security

Every IAMHOME server is configured to ensure that not only it's base operating system downloads and installs all important security patches and updates, but also that each of the services or "containers" it hosts remain updated, ensuring ongoing, secure, and reliable operation of all services.

Always Backed Up

Every IAMHOME Server is configured to take regular snapshots of it's operating system and all services or "containers" it hosts. These are encrypted and automatically backed up to our central server ensuring that in the event of any hardware failures, we can re-deploy an identical replacement Server in Minutes.

PRO Servers can also all be configured to offer data redundancy and Cloud Based Data Backup for Camera Recording Data and Personal File Storage.

Custom Domain

Each IAMHOME server is accessable on it's own custom domain (sitename.iamhome.au).

Best Practice Authentication & Security

Each IAMHOME Server employs industry leading security and authentication.
Access to every server is protected by CloudFlare Zero Trust Authentication and provides Single Sign-On acess from your google account.
This ensures every server is safe and secure, and customers don't need to remember an additional login.

Platforms Available on IAMHOME